Carpet Wool KESHAN fringe, Ornament, frame oriental 2886/53511 beige / navy

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thickness of the carpet: 9 mm

total weight: about 2,80 kg/m2

type of yarn: 100% natural wool



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Do you love luxury solutions? If so, wool rugs are perfect for you.

Imagine your favorite wool sweater… Warm and soft. Touching it makes you feel very comfortable.
What if a rug was made of the same material? It is possible. Wool is by far the best natural material that can be used to make rugs.
The KESHAN carpet collection was made of 100% wool. It is a natural and fully renewable resource.
Its properties are perfect for homes where it is difficult to maintain proper air humidity.
Wool absorbs moisture from the air when there is too much of it and gives it back when it's lacking. It's very healthy for the respiratory system, especially for people who have some problems with it.
A wool rug is also a great heat insulator. You can even put it on a cold floor, and walking on it will still be comfortable.
The interior will gain additional insulation, thanks to which it will be easier to maintain the right air temperature.
If you are looking for a perfect product to be placed close to the fireplace, a wool rug will be the best choice.
Wool is a fireproof material. Glowing charcoal will only melt the fibers. In comparison, synthetic fibers could catch fire and in the worst case cause a house fire.
There is therefore no doubt that the relatively higher price is compensated by the  high quality of wool rugs.
The wide use and amazing properties of wool have been known and appreciated for many generations. Rugs from the KESHAN collection take full advantage of the material from which they are made.
In addition, vintage-style patterns emphasize the timelessness of the product.

Characteristic features of the KESHAN rugs:

- Made of 100% natural wool material. Therefore, it is environmentally friendly;
- Elegant and beautiful colours combined with a vintage pattern will bring a lot of elegance and luxury to any interior;
- It has the OEKO-TEX certificate, which guarantees a composition that is safe for the environment and people;
- The highest quality combined with high resistance of the material and its flexibility make this product a beautiful decoration for many years;
- A rug made of wool may slightly dust at the beginning - this is a natural feature of this material. However, we assure you that it is not in any way bothersome or harmful.

Wool absorbs liquid dirt. While this rug for the living room will be the perfect solution, it may not work as well in the kitchen.
Nowadays, living in harmony with nature is extremely important. Therefore, choosing a wool rug will certainly be a good decision.
Beautiful, elegant, natural… These are the rugs from the KESHAN collection. Thousands of satisfied customers love them - how about you?


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