About Us

Company "DYWANY ŁUSZCZÓW" exists since 1995. Initially, the main profile of activity was the import and wholesale of carpets for the domestic market. Over the years we focused on the retail business in our own shops. In our eight stores, we offer the largest selection of carpets, rugs, wall-to-wall and PVC. We offer professional and comprehensive assistance in choosing and buying our goods. Additionally, you can buy many other flooring accessories such as moldings, double-sided tape, doormats and bathroom mats. We also make overedging the products purchased, and there is the possibility of overedging products that you already have. Modern machines allow for quick execution of the orders. Products purchased in our stores we overedging within several minutes.


Łuszczów I 73, 20-258 Lublin, Poland
tel. 07448 146030;

Main warehouse:
ul. Elektryczna 17, 21-045 Świdnik, Poland
tel. 07448 146030;

Stationary Stores

20-258 Lublin, Łuszczów I 73 more »

20-401 Lublin, ul. Krochmalna 8a more »

22-400 Zamość, ul. Peowiaków 13 more »

22-100 Chełm, ul. Podgórze 36 more »

21-045 Świdnik, ul. Elektryczna 17 more »

38-200 Jasło, ul. Kochanowskiego 6 more »

26-615 Radom, ul. Młodzianowska 75, Łucznik Park more »


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