Fitted carpet CHAMBORD 010 red

New product

▪ type of yarn: 100% Poliamid

▪ total height: +/- 7 mm

▪ pile height: +/- 5 mm

▪ total weight: 1700 g/m2

▪ country of origin: Belgium


▪ Waiting time 5-30 days, details by e-mail.

More details

  cost of shipping from: 10,81 €
  parcel dispatched in 48h
  international shipping
  2 years warranty
  payment cash on delivery is possible, please contact us to determine the costs
  Do you buy a few lengths? Write them in the comment

How to deal with the purchase of several lengths? Examples:
  • You need 2 items of 2.00 meters -> you order 4.00 meters and in the comment to the order you provide: 2 pieces of 2.00 meters
  • You need 1.50 meter + 6.00 meters = 7.50 meters -> you order 7.50 meters, in the comment to the order you provide: 1 piece - 1.50 meter + 1 piece - 6.00 meters
  • You need 2 items of 1.00 meter and 1 piece 6.40 meters = 8.40 meters -> you order 8.40 meters, in the comment to the order you provide: 2 pieces of 1.00 meter + 1 piece 6.40 meters

115,46 € tax incl.

you can enter the quantity, e.g. 2.15

Data sheet

Pattern Different patterns

More info

▪ Minimum order: 4m2 (1x4m roll)

▪ condition for the execution of the order is to pay 10% of the transaction on our bank account - the remaining amount you can pay at the time when the ordered product will reach to our warehouse from the factory - just prior to shipment.

▪ product is imported and transported to special customer order. When making such an order the Customer acknowledges that he ordered the goods are imported for special and individual order. This product has specific characteristics, and therefore it is not possible to resign from the order, and the resulting product is not refundable. This, however, is without prejudice to the provisions of the warranty for the quality
of purchased goods.



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