Two-piece bathroom set rug SUPREME STONES, non-slip, soft - black

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thickness: 25 mm

total weight: about 0,95 kg

type of yarn: 100% polypropylene

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Bathroom Rugs - Beautiful and Functional Accessories

Safety deserves special consideration in the bathroom space. Spilled water on tiles after a bath poses a real threat. An excellent solution in such cases are bathroom rugs, which not only prevent slipping on wet tiles but also serve an aesthetic function. A rug in the bathroom makes it more functional, stylish, and pleasant for everyday use.

In addition to their aesthetic value, bathroom rugs must also fulfill practical functions and be easy to clean. Maintaining hygiene is facilitated by synthetic fibers, on which mold or mildew doesn't develop despite the moisture present in the room. Additionally, bathroom rugs can be machine washed. This is a solution that significantly simplifies and speeds up cleaning. A distinguishing feature of these rugs among others is their exceptionally durable, non-slip bottom made of natural latex. This material is resistant to crumbling even after multiple washes in the machine - ensuring impeccable quality for many years.

A 2-piece bathroom set is a great way to complete the entire room in a uniform and cohesive manner. A rectangular rug will fit perfectly near the sink, shower, or bathtub. The second, specially cut piece will complement the space near the toilet.

Characteristics of bathroom rugs:

  • Beautiful colours will blend seamlessly with the decor of any bathroom;
  • polypropylene fibers dry quickly and are highly durable;
  • Synthetic fibers are safe for allergy sufferers and children. Additionally, these fibers prevent the growth of mold and mildew caused by moisture;
  • They can be machine washed. Just remember to keep the washing temperature below 30°C and use gentle detergent;
  • They also work well with underfloor heating.

Choose style and functionality for your bathroom with bathroom rugs.

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