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thickness: 25 mm

total weight: about 1540 g/m2

type of yarn: 75% polyester + 25% polypropylene

country of origin: Belgium

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  • You need 2 items of 2.00 meters -> you order 4.00 meters and in the comment to the order you provide: 2 pieces of 2.00 meters
  • You need 1.50 meter + 6.00 meters = 7.50 meters -> you order 7.50 meters, in the comment to the order you provide: 1 piece - 1.50 meter + 1 piece - 6.00 meters
  • You need 2 items of 1.00 meter and 1 piece 6.40 meters = 8.40 meters -> you order 8.40 meters, in the comment to the order you provide: 2 pieces of 1.00 meter + 1 piece 6.40 meters

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Are you wondering what to do to enjoy a beautiful lawn all year round? We have a solution!

Carpet floorings imitating grass are gaining more and more popularity. Previously recognized for its sporting facilities, it now enhances the configurations of our homes' balconies and terraces.
Artificial grass can be used in a variety of settings, including gardens that are naturally hard to manage and playgrounds for kids and around swimming pools.
A real lawn is much harder to maintain - apart from the money we have to spend on a mower and fertilisers, we have to spend a lot of time to keep the grass looking perfect.
When choosing artificial grass, the problem solves itself!
Beautiful and green all year round - these are the greatest advantages of artificial grass. Made of high-quality polypropylene, it's not only pleasant to the touch, but also very durable and resistant to weather conditions.
Summer relaxation on the grass, a barbecue with friends or playing with children in such a prepared space is pure pleasure.

Synthetic lawn is also much safer for people who struggle with allergies on a daily basis.
The period from April to July is a real torment for people allergic to grass pollen. When choosing a synthetic material, even people with such a problem can spend time outdoors without fear.
Artificial grass is also much safer for children. Thanks to the use of soft and flexible materials in the production, it is a better shock absorber against e.g. a fall than a traditional lawn.

Characteristics of artificial lawn:

- Made of 100% polypropylene, which makes the grass resistant to weather conditions, while being soft and pleasant to the touch;
- The grass perfectly cushions during, for example, a fall and protects against the cold of the ground;
- Many available sizes allow you to create your dream space to rest;
- In modern production technology, methods have been used that allow water to pass through the product, thanks to which puddles will not form;
- Very easy to assemble.

So if you dream of a beautiful space to rest, or you don't want to spend all your free time on caring for a natural lawn - artificial grass will be the perfect solution for you. Surprise your family and friends with a beautiful lawn even in winter.

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