Runner Structural MEFE 8724 Ornament, vintage - two levels of fleece beige / gold

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thickness of the carpet: 8 mm & 13 mm

total weight: between 1,50 - 2,0 kg/m2 (weight depends on the carpet pattern )

type of yarn: Polypropylene + Polyester Shrink

▪ manufacturer: Dywany Łuszczów

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  2 years warranty
  payment cash on delivery is possible, please contact us to determine the costs
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How to deal with the purchase of several lengths? Examples:
  • You need 2 items of 2.00 meters -> you order 4.00 meters and in the comment to the order you provide: 2 pieces of 2.00 meters
  • You need 1.50 meter + 6.00 meters = 7.50 meters -> you order 7.50 meters, in the comment to the order you provide: 1 piece - 1.50 meter + 1 piece - 6.00 meters
  • You need 2 items of 1.00 meter and 1 piece 6.40 meters = 8.40 meters -> you order 8.40 meters, in the comment to the order you provide: 2 pieces of 1.00 meter + 1 piece 6.40 meters

7,28 € tax incl.

you can enter the quantity, e.g. 2.15

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Choosing the right runner for our home interiors is usually not an easy task. We offer you a modern collection of MEFE runners, which with its performance meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers. At first glance, most of the models fit into modern interiors, and nothing prevents you from using them also when arranging traditional and more classic rooms. Runners in beige colors, stylized as marble, stone, brick and wood trunk - have recently become very popular in interior design. The MEFE collection can be successfully used in many rooms. You can freely adjust the size - We offer runners from 70cm to 200cm wide. We also offer a wide range of sizes for carpets from 80x150 cm to even 280x370 cm. Modern interiors sometimes require the use of a non-standard carpet shape. To meet expectations, our offer includes several circular designs with 3 diameters 100, 160 and 200 cm, which will be a perfect complement to even the most sophisticated arrangements. The MEFE collection is made of 100% polypropylene, which is one of the most popular carpet components. An important feature of polypropylene carpets and runners is that they do not collect too much dust between their fibers - this fact will surely be enjoyed by all people who struggle with various allergies. Our MEFE runners are easy to maintain.


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